Social and Emotional Development

Newman Primary School acknowledges there is more to a child’s development than academic foci. This is why we adopt a holistic approach towards the education of your child. We acknowledge that social and emotional competence is a crucial skill in the 21st Century. The aim of our social and emotional development is to empower each student to establish their own identity and have the ability to self-regulate their own social and emotional attributes.

In line with the Newman Primary School 2015-2017 business plan, the school has adopted the Play is the Way model towards student social and emotional development. Play is the Way is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional skills using guided play, classroom activities and empowering language. The use of games within this program supports students to develop and habituate patterns of behaviour that are personally advantageous and culturally appropriate within modern Australia. Play is the Way supports our school’s belief that students need to be discover the process of self-awareness and self-regulation of their own behaviour and emotions.

Classes engage in game sessions three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The focus of these games is to provide a medium to assist in developing social and emotional competency in a meaningful way. Across the school a consistent language is used by staff in supporting students to identify, monitor and regulate their emotions and interactions with others. An action group supports staff in leading the implementation of the program across the school. In addition to using reflective language, staff support the development of other attributes with students that assist in social and emotional development. These aspects include manners, body language, trust, peer interactions and communication skills.