Early Childhood

The early years are crucial in a child’s educational development as it forms the foundation for future success. Our early childhood students are catered for in purpose built facilities which provide an optimal learning environment. Our specialised team of early childhood teachers and education assistants provide innovative and engaging classes for your child's first introduction to education. We acknowledge that there needs to be a balance between play-based learning and explicit teaching. As a result the programs at Newman Primary School are designed to ensure this balance is maintained throughout each day at school.

Students in Kindergarten attend five days of school over a two week period. This is usually broken into three days in Week 1 and two days in Week 2. Kindergarten is a child’s first experience with formalised schooling and we ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible. To support transition the school conducts a Story Time program in the second half of the year to prepare students and families for Kindergarten in the following year. The curriculum programs offered in Kindergarten are based on the Early Years Learning Framework, The Western Australian Kindergarten guidelines and the Newman Primary School Business Plan.

Pre-Primary is a child’s first year of full time schooling and compulsory education in Western Australia. Students continue to receive a combination of play based learning and explicit teaching based on desired educational outcomes. In Pre-Primary students commence receiving instruction from the school’s specialist teachers- this reinforces our school’s commitment to a one school community approach. The curriculum programs offered in Pre-Primary are based on the Western Australian Curriculum Outline and the Newman Primary School Business Plan.

After completion of Pre-Primary students’ transition into Year 1, the first year of what we call the Primary Years.