School Business Plan

Our school business plan sets out the strategic direction of Newman Primary School. This plan outlines the journey we wish to take as a school from 2021- 2023 As an Independent Public School we are accountable to the Department of Education (WA) through meeting set requirements within a Delivery and Performance Agreement.

The 2024- 2026 Newman Primary School business plan outlines four priority areas.

Student success & excellence

Newman Primary School actively seeks opportunities for all students to be engaged, inspired and achieve personal success.

School culture

Newman Primary School aspires to be a happy, safe and positive place that is connected to its local community and is guided by the principles of the Newman PS Code.

Early childhood

Newman Primary School acknowledges our unique context where significant numbers of students are within the early childhood area.

High quality teaching & leadership

Newman Primary School acknowledges that to encourage student success, strong leadership and support for staff needs to be embedded within its operations.

A copy of the 2024- 2026 Newman Primary School business plan can be accessed here.