Newman Primary Parents & Citizens Association

Newman Primary School has an active P&C which provides high quality support for the students through a variety of means. Our P&C operates the school canteen and uniform shop, both of which are important services for students and their families. 

In addition to these services, the P&C engage in a number of fundraising activities. Funds generate from these activities are donated back to the school to promote student learning and outcomes. Past examples of the use of these funds include library books, book awards, playground equipment and sporting opportunities. The P&C are always looking for members. If you are interested in being involved please contact one of the following 2020 Executive Committee members:

  • President: Brooke Wilson
  • Vice President: Lisa Brosnan
  • Treasurer: Catherine Klischat
  • Secretary: Shiwani Nair
  • Canteen Manager: Denise Morony

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