Behaviour Management

Newman Primary School is characterised by positive student behaviour. We believe that positive relationships and strong connection to the school form the foundations of positive student behaviour. All staff at Newman Primary School promote high expectations amongst our student body in relation to behaviour. Class routines and layout is designed to to be proactive in managing student behaviour expectations. Students are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and select courses of action that are appropriate to the situation.

The behaviour and actions of our school community is guided by the four aspects of the Newman Primary Values:

  • Re Responsible
  • Show Respect
  • Strive for Success

Minor misbehaviour is managed across the school through a five stage process as follows:

  • Stage 1: Verbal warning – A reminder about appropriate behaviour and how it relates to our school code
  • Stage 2: Name on board – The student is made aware of the school code that has been broken
  • Stage 3: In class time out – Remind student of the behaviour code and sent to an exclusion zone within the classroom
  • Stage 4: Sent to another class – Student is escorted with work that is to be completed in a different class
  • Stage 5: Administration – Student is escorted with work that is to be completed in the office. At this level parents will be notified by the Principal or Deputy Principal